Vacancy CanopyLAB is recruiting global ambassadors in every city around the world to spearhead free access to online learning as a result of COVID-19

Ad type: volunteer opportunities
Company: The Lab
City: Filmbyen, Copenhagen 2650, DK
Workplace street: Filmbyen, Copenhagen 2650, DK
Category: Advocacy
Posted: 19 Apr 2020
Requirements for the applicant
Job description

Due to the development of COVID-19, CanopyLAB is offering a free social learning platform to every educational institution worldwide. In just a couple of days, we are already onboarding 150,000+ students, and we expect to be onboarding 1 million within 2 weeks. In this crucial moment in history, CanopyLAB needs YOUR support to reach out to and ensure that the transition to digital learning results in a strong, active online learning community as well as increasing enrolment and course completion.

What is the goal of the CanopyLAB Ambassador Program?

An ambassador’s main responsibility is to be an active volunteer in our non-profit efforts to reach, onboard and support global educational institutions during COVID-19. The mission of the program is to:

  • Overturn taboos on educational technologies and digital learning
  • Spearhead access to online learning in your community
  • Connect local educational institutions with CanopyLAB’s free learning platform

  • Who are we looking for?

    This “mini virtual internship” is scoped to 2-5 hours in total. The target audience is students who have a couple of extra hours to spare and who are passionate about the realizatdion of SDG #4.

    As a volunteer ambassador, you will be responsible for one of the following:

  • Helping educational institutions in your local community.
  • Facilitate their onboarding process.
  • Translate relevant documents and information to local languages.

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    Why become a CanopyLAB Ambassador?

    CanopyLAB views volunteer ambassadors as entrepreneurs- you will be part of a leading Nordic Edtech company where you can develop skills, grow your network and enhance your portfolio/CV by having a global impact on the world’s state of education. Through online training, feedback and collaboration, you will gain an entrepreneurial mindset and stay up to date with the latest on entrepreneurship, AI, civil society and other topics.

  • As a volunteer ambassador, you will receive the following compensation:
  • An official volunteer certificate issued by CanopyLAB
  • A letter of recommendation
  • Join our network of 50+ global NGOs via our free social learning platform the LAB
  • An exclusive feature on the CanopyLAB website and social media platforms
  • A digital badge to show influencer level based on reach

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