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Company: Philadelphia School Partnership
City: Philadelphia, PA
Workplace street: Philadelphia, PA
Category: Community Engagement, Outreach
Work schedule: Full Time
Posted: 22 Sep 2019
Requirements for the applicant
Education: 4-Year Degree Required
Work experience: Entry level
Job description

Organization Summary

The Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP) works to give every child in America’s fifth largest city the opportunity to attend a great school. We invest philanthropic funds in high-impact schools so they can serve more low-income students—whether they be in the traditional public, public charter or private sectors. Our aim is to catalyze the creation or transformation of enough schools to ensure better options for over 50,000 students, or nearly one in four of all Philadelphia schoolchildren. Since 2011 PSP has invested in more than 67 schools of all types, creating new educational opportunity for over 28,000 students. PSP also works to create the conditions that enable great schools to grow and thrive, including a strong pipeline of qualified teachers and principals, resources and initiatives to empower parents and families, and policies that enable entrepreneurial school leadership and create opportunity for high-performing schools to grow. Additionally, PSP invests donated funds to catalyze collaboration, facilitating the sharing of best practices among schools and support organizations. Nonpartisan and data-driven, we work with government officials, business leaders, education leaders and practitioners, and community groups to pursue the promise of a great school for every child.

PSP believes that in a city as large as Philadelphia, there is not one best or right kind of school. Two hundred forty thousand children need a wide variety of schools from which to choose. The city has numerous examples of high-performing schools, and they span all three primary sectors: charter schools, district schools and private/Catholic schools. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of quality options in all three sectors. More than 35,000 students sit on waiting lists for the city’s best schools—which include private, charter, district magnet, and district neighborhood schools. Our work centers on leveraging philanthropic capital to attract entrepreneurial leadership and overcome inertia and financial and political barriers so that Philadelphia can have more great schools.

Like all cities, Philadelphia has finite resources for K-12 education. PSP believes the route to effectively educating all of the city’s children lies in fomenting and sustaining an educational ecosystem that steers resources toward effective schools, regardless of sector or type of school, so they can grow; increases equity of access to all school choices for families; and utilizes multiple measures of school performance to hold schools accountable for outcomes, thus ensuring support and—if necessary—intervention for struggling schools.

Strengthening Career Experience for Philadelphia Students

As part of PSP’s overall strategy to provide multiple pathways for students, PSP has embarked on a Career Education stream of work. The goal is to invest in opportunities that will provide high-quality career education experiences to students in Philadelphia while benefitting the industry sector. PSP believes that students are best served when they have significant opportunities to learn in a variety of contexts that include the traditional high school curriculum, college coursework, and robust experiences in the workplace. Students are best prepared for success when they have rich opportunities that strengthen their skill sets in a variety of ways. This position will play a critical role in connecting students’ experiences to career settings/opportunities at two Philadelphia schools.

Position Summary

The Career Experience Coordinator provides support to school-based staff in two Philadelphia schools (see below). The Career Experience Coordinator will collaborate with educators in the school to develop opportunities for students to have meaningful workplace opportunities, including industry visits, job shadowing, short-term and long-term internships, and mentoring. This role will work closely with the principals of the schools, the designated liaison for the Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP), and members of the schools’ leadership team, faculty, and students to ensure strong career connections. The Career Experience Coordinator will be based in both schools and spend about half of his/her time in each location. This role will be a one - two year position with PSP, with potential to be hired directly by the partner schools at the conclusion of the PSP contract.

The Career Experience Coordinator will report to the Philadelphia School Partnership-designated School Liaison.

PSP is an equal-opportunity employer with good benefits and an entrepreneurial, results-oriented work culture.

Duties and Responsibilities

As described above, two schools will be served by this role.

Parkway Center City Middle College (PCCMC)

PCCMC is a special-admission high school in the School District of Philadelphia. PCCMC is currently the only school in the city with a middle college model where all students are dually enrolled, starting in the 9th grade, at both the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and the School District. At Parkway, this role would provide day-to-day project management support to the Academic and Internship Coordinators (AISCs) and coordination for industry recruitment for the “Parkway Challenge” and 11th grade internships for 125 juniors and seniors. This role will also ensure strong working relationships with Parkway and industry partners.

Swenson Arts and Technology High School

Swenson is a career and technical high school in the School District of Philadelphia. All Swenson students complete a challenging career program tied to industry standards with exit assessments and industry-valued certifications prior to graduation. At Swenson, this role would work with local businesses to secure long-term, in-depth internships for 10-25 students in the first year of this role. These internships would take place during the school year or summer, depending on the businesses’ needs. Ideally, these internships would lead to positions following graduation.

In addition to the specific responsibilities at each site listed above, the Career Experience Coordinator will:

·      Participate as a lead member of a team working to ensure that students have access to meaningful workplace experiences during their high school years.

·      Cultivate partnerships with Philadelphia-based companies that are interested in building job pipelines with the schools; identify meaningful student work-based internships/opportunities.

·      Interface with industry partners to best understand their needs and prepare students for these opportunities at school. Work with PSP and School leadership in order to tailor and customize the school-based and workplace sides of the program.

·      Create and maintain a system that tracks outcomes of the school-based career program (i.e. how many students completed internships, where participating students got job offers upon or directly after graduation) for each school. Create a system for each school to use to track long-term data on students matriculation to college or an occupation.

·      Provide flexible support to school-based staff who have responsibility for career education and workplace experiences for the schools.

·      Support school staff on the planning and execution of special programs related to career education such as career fairs, summer job fairs, mock interviews, and college visits.

·      Assist in resource identification to support career experiences.

·      Monitor implementation of project plans for career integration and notify principal and PSP liaison when tasks and deliverables are not being completed in a timely way.

·      Provide consistent reports to PSP and/or its designee on the progress of connecting students to workplace experiences.

·      Ensure positive relationships with the schools’ employer partners by making certain there is clear communication and appropriate recognition of their efforts and contributions.

·      Serve as the primary point of contact for identified employer partners for specific projects and initiatives.

·      Assist in identification of employer partners who could provide career experiences for students.

·      Serve as a resource to teachers who seek to integrate career education in their course.

·      Perform assigned duties in a manner consistent with the mission, goals, and core values of the Philadelphia School Partnership and the schools the individual is assigned to.

·      Perform additional duties as assigned.


·      Communicate effectively – both orally and in writing – and function as a constructive team member in working with colleagues and, preferably, experience working with employer partners, parents and students

·      Plan and organize work under the direction of the PSP liaison

·      Ability to create systems and structures to track industry partnerships and students

·      Work confidentially with discretion

·      Work in “start-up” situations where systems are not well-established and able to adjust quickly to changes in daily schedule

·      Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action

·      Organize people around work objectives

·      Familiarity with diverse types of workplaces

·      Excellent record of attendance and punctuality

·      Timeliness, thoroughness, attention to details, and quality in the completion of assigned tasks

·      Capability with computer technology skills including email, Word and Excel 

Education and Experience

·      Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree strongly preferred

·      Experience working in business/industry preferred

·      Experience interacting with high school-age young people in educational or youth development settings preferred

Physical Requirements

Ability to physically perform the duties and to work in the environmental conditions required such as:

·      Traveling to schools – valid driver’s license and/or access to transportation when necessary

·      Functioning in office space - reaching file cabinets, filing, faxing, scanning, coping, typing, mailing, making phone calls

·      Must be able to sit for up to two hours looking at a computer monitor, using a keyboard/mouse and typing 

Application Instructions

Email resume and cover letter to Molly Farley, Human Resources Consultant, at

Salary commensurate with experience, along with excellent benefits.

A modest relocation package may also be available for out-of-state candidates.

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The Philadelphia School Partnership (PSP)works to give every child in America’s fifth largest city the opportunity toattend a great school. We invest philanthropic funds in high-impact schools sothey ... read more
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