Vacancy CONAPAC Executive Administrator

Ad type: jobs
Company: CONAPAC Peru
City: Iquitos, Peru
Workplace street: Iquitos, Peru
Category: Conservation
Work schedule: Full Time
Posted: 22 Sep 2019
Requirements for the applicant
Education: 4-Year Degree Required
Work experience: Professional
Job description

CONAPAC (Conservación a la Naturaleza Amazónica del Perú, A.C.) is seeking a full-time in-country executive administrator to manage all aspects of the NGO. Based in Iquitos, Peru, the director will work collaboratively with our principal partner--Amazon Explorama Lodges--and our primary financial partner in the United States--The Detroit Zoological Society--plus a hands-on board of directors. The administrator will be in charge of all aspects of CONAPAC, working directly with a small full-time staff, handling project planning and oversight, budget planning and management, communication with donor partners, marketing and promotion, in-country public relations through Amazon Explorama Lodges, social media and coordination of activities for periodic volunteers.

The CONAPAC administrator will collaborate with and report directly to the principal owner of Explorama Lodges on a regular basis. CONAPAC's office is housed within the main offices of Explorama in Iquitos.

Normal work hours are full-time, Monday through Friday and half-day on Saturday when in the city. Fieldwork schedules adjust as needed. Time is divided between city time (about 70%) and field time in river communities (about 30%), however this can vary from one month or year to the next, depending on circumstances. Almost all of CONAPAC's projects are executed in the field.

One month paid vacation, taken in two week intervals or all at once.


  •  Oversee full time staff, both in the office and in the field
  • Confirm that all projects are completed in a timely manner and on-budget
  • Propose, seek board approval and follow an annual budget for organizational programming, salaries and additional expenses
  • Coordinate all aspects of the Adopt-A-School program throughout the year, including purchase and packaging of school supplies, and planning for annual volunteers who assist in the distribution of school supplies to our 50-plus partner communities
  • Coordinate with partner collaborators to design, organize and implement a yearly conservation education workshop for Peruvian Teachers including printing of materials as part of the Adopt-A-School program
  • Oversee the Adopt-A-Drop water program staff, new construction of water filtration plants, and regular monitoring and testing for water quality. 
  • Continue advances and training in the CONAPAC sustainable development program, uniting buyers in the city with producers/sellers in rainforest communities 
  • Communicate regularly with staff, donors and volunteers 
  • Maintain regular communication via social media accounts
  • Liaise with stakeholders--Explorama Lodges, the Detroit Zoological Society, major donors and the board of directors
  • Collaborate with website manager in USA for updates and production of a monthly newsletter
  • Write funding requests, grants and follow-up project reports to donors, manage crowd-sourcing websites
  • Use marketing, advertising and PR to further obtain donors, in-country and internationally

  • Important Skills & Experience

  •  Hands-on administration skills to manage budget, staff, projects
  • Accounting skills to manage budgets and regular reporting
  • Training, experience and ability in grant writing
  • Creative insight into social media/marketing ideas for younger donors
  • Personable and organized, an effective time manager and leader
  • A collaborative approach to working with staff
  • Excellent interpersonal skills for networking with travelers and potential donors, as well as river community leaders, teachers, parents and children
  • Previous experience in NGO work, domestically or internationally, is preferred
  • A background in education, especially environmental education, is highly preferred
  • Advanced level of verbal fluency in Spanish required
  • Previous experience living and/or working in Peru (or Central/South America) preferred, but not required 

  • Additional comments

     Housing is not included but there are many affordable locations within walking distance of the office. When doing fieldwork, all CONAPAC employees travel on either CONAPAC or Explorama boats. They stay at one of four rainforest lodges operated by Explorama Lodges. All meals when at the lodges are included at no cost. 

    Public transportation in Iquitos is readily available by motokar or bus at very affordable prices.

    Details at a glance

  • On-site Location: Iquitos, Peru
  • Full-Time Schedule
  • 4-Year Degree Required
  • Managerial

  • Benefits

    One-month vacation annually (after one year of service) with two months' worth of salary included (paid out in two segments: July and December), automatic retirement savings through a private Peruvian plan (AFP Integra), a 3-year contract. CONAPAC pays for CTS (a state pension plan) and ESSALUD (the state healthcare plan).

    How To Apply


    In English:  In order to present yourself, send a single-page cover letter (as an attachment) with information of your choosing and a single-page resume or CV with your education background and experience in NGO work, domestic or international. Explanation of how/when you learned Spanish and what your level of experience has been when you’ve used this language in professional settings. 

    In English:  In order to present yourself, send a single-page cover letter (as an attachment) with information of your choosing and a single-page resume or CV with your education…

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    MISSION:  The mission of CONAPAC is to promote conservation and social development through education in the rainforest of Loreto, Peru.VISION: Rural communities in the amazon rainforest living ... read more