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Posted: 22 Sep 2019
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This unpaid volunteer telecommute volunteership is designed to give you the opportunity for a breadth of experience in the nonprofit sector in global health. The purpose of this volunteership is for the volunteer to learn and grow while producing meaningful work for the organization, gaining insights into the field of global health and the plight of those who live in extreme poverty, as well as some solutions and how they work. At a minimum, you will spend 30 minutes weekly (skipping some weeks if needed) discussing your project(s) with a project mentor. As a telecommute volunteership, this program screens carefully for self-motivated and disciplined candidates with a strong ability to work independently.

At the beginning of the volunteership, volunteers pair up with a project mentor who serves as an advisor to your project(s). A project list is provided to the volunteer, who is also welcomed to propose new project ideas. At the very beginning of the volunteership, a project(s) are chosen, goals and deadlines are set. You are evaluated against how well you accomplish these goals. Deadlines are agreed upon in advance by both the preceptor and the volunteer.

Broadly, volunteer projects span a wide spectrum of subjects such as, global public health research, gala & event planning, supply chain sourcing and management, public relations, nonprofit marketing, public speaking, social media management, teachable agriculture techniques, starting campus clubs in global health, publishing, and interviewing.

Every volunteer, at the end of the program, receives a letter of recommendation and professional reference from the organization. All volunteers receive an evaluation at the middle and end of the program, and your performance quality will be reflected in your letter of recommendation and professional reference.

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