Vacancy Dog and Cat Rescue on a tropical Island in Thailand

Ad type: volunteer opportunities
Company: Pod Volunteer
City: Thailand
Category: Healthcare Provider/Practitioner
Employment: On Site
Work schedule: Full Time
Posted: 10 Jan 2020
Requirements for the applicant
Education: No requirement
Work experience: Entry level
Driving license: No
Foreign languages: English - Beginner
Job description

Set on a stunning tropical island, support the vital work being done by the local team by caring for dogs and cats in need

The Dog and Cat Rescue project works to control the overpopulation of dogs and cats on the island and care for animals who have been injured and/or abused.

You will support the team by helping to walk the dogs, clean the shelters and feed the animals. You can assist the veterinary team with animal treatments and work alongside the centre to help promote animal welfare within the local community. Many people are aware of the problems of stray dogs and poor veterinary treatment of animals in Thailand, but few get to make a difference; this project provides you with this opportunity.

Explore the many beaches, mangroves and caves, learn to scuba dive or spend time in the beautiful national park in your free time.

What will I be doing?

Set on the stunning island of Koh Lanta, the Dog and Cat Rescue project aims to provide an exceptionally high level of care to the animals, whilst promoting awareness of the issues surrounding stray animals. In your first few days you will receive an introduction to your work. All the tasks will be explained in detail by staff and long term volunteers. There is a timetable in the main centre which runs through the daily tasks.

Each day will differ and volunteers’ tasks are based around the following shifts:

Morning shift

7am-1pm: taking dogs out into running areas, spending play time with animals, cleaning cages, cleaning up running and toilet area, cooking dog food, feeding dogs, giving medication & care when needed, filing animals’ nails, assisting the vet whenever needed, looking after animals in recovery cages before and after surgery.

Afternoon shift

1-7pm: cleaning cat houses and recovery cages, feeding cats and animals in recovery, giving medication and care when needed, washing animals towels, stock take of the store room, preparing sterilisation sets and sterilising, taking dogs out into running areas and for walks outside, tidying staff area, preparing gauzes, watering plants in running areas, cleaning the clinic for the following day, feeding cats and dogs.

Depending on the numbers of volunteers at the centre, it may be necessary for volunteers to do split shifts which is 7-10am and then 4-7pm. This is to cover the busiest times of the day.


Volunteers in charge of the quarantine that day do not have any contact with any other animals present at the kennel and clinic. Often the animals would spend most of the day in their cage and so this role consists of spending time with them as well cleaning, feeding and giving appropriate care.

Night shift at the centre

1 day per week, 7pm–7am. Volunteers sleep at the centre so that you can be on hand in case of an emergency.

Educational tours

The centre is open to the public 5 days a week. Volunteers take visitors on a tour of the centre, providing them with an explanation of the situation on the island and the aims of the centre. Many visitors choose to donate to centre or even adopt one of the dogs or cats!

Volunteers may be asked to focus on either the cat house or the dog kennels, depending on the current requirements of the project.

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