Vacancy Early Childhood Health & Nutrition

Ad type: internships
Company: All Out Africa
City: Swaziland
Workplace street: MR3
Category: Case/Social Work;Community Engagement/Outreach;Healthcare Provider/Practitioner
Employment: On Site
Work schedule: Full Time
Posted: 6 Jul 2018
Requirements for the applicant
Education: High School
Work experience: Entry level
Gender: It does not matter
Driving license: No
Foreign languages: English - Expert
Job description

The Kingdom of Swaziland has the world’s highest HIV/ AIDS prevalence rates, with approximately 31% of the population being infected. In 2010 it was estimated that there was close to 200 000 orphaned children in the Kingdom due to HIV/AIDS. Many more children are now without a parent and live with extended family that already has stretched resources. Unemployment is high, approximately 39% of Swazi’s are without a job, which rises considerably to 53% among youth. About 66% of the population is unable to meet basic food needs, while 43% live in chronic poverty. Children are particularly vulnerable and often are in desperate need of help and support. You have the valuable opportunity to assist, motivate and encourage the nutritional development of the preschool children who attend our Neighbourhood Care Points (NCPs).

Whether you are looking to gain experience to add to your CV, need to fulfill University requirements or just have experience to contribute, we like to make our internships as beneficial for each intern as possible. That’s why we want to know in advance if you have a special interests, expertise or goals to achieve whilst your completing your internship with us.



An intern, although also not being paid, is different from a Gap-year volunteer as they are expected to bring some knowledge and/or experience in the area they are working in. There are fewer internship posts available so competition for these is higher. Interns will be working at a more career focused strategic level and developing local capacity to work effectively and with meaning, as well as gaining valuable hands-on, practical experience during their placement. Interns are also expected to take on more responsibility and to create their own goals and seek activities to be involved in or lead. They will also have a mentor assigned to them to guide them during the internship.

Upon arrival, our team will assist our interns with getting started, meeting their partners if they are off campus, and advising them on next steps. Our interns, then have theflexibility to create their own schedule with their partners,and together create a plan of action of goals to achieve whilst working together. For this reason, it is important that the word “partner” remain key throughout the experience. Our interns have a world of expertise to offer, however all goals should be created together with the in-country partner so the outcomes are sustainable even after the intern returns home. We do not expect our interns to take on a job position, but rather take on the role of advisor; offering advice, suggestions and assistance in creating strategies that 

will make long term impacts.

You will have the opportunity to assist our team with current research studies, monitor the growth (BMI) of the children we care for, observe their learning behaviours and make reccomendations for their nutritional advancement.

Some of the activities you may get involved in may include:

● Collecting growth and health data from the children
● Educating parents and/or teachers about healthy practices
● Developing reports and reccomendations for our NCPs
● Developing additional studies to monitor the health of the children

* Please note that the activities listed above are based on availbility and may vary by season. These are samples of activities that are interns are likely to participate in.

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