AmeriCorps, Monterey County United for Literacy
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PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The mission of the AmeriCorps, Monterey County United for Literacy program is to enable Monterey County children to read well and independently by the end of the third grade so that they can read to learn in the fourth grade and beyond. The program targets children in Kindergarten through 4th grade in Salinas and South Monterey County. Members will provide tutoring to about 25-30 students per year to help them improve their English language development, vocabulary acquisition, fluency and comprehension AND develop the habit of independent reading. Each member is assigned to one of about 14 different school sites where the program operates. Students receive 30 minute tutoring sessions a minimum of three times per week. Training is comprehensive, on-going, and focuses on research-based tutoring strategies. Members also engage in community service activities as a team on evenings and weekends at least twice a month.

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