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Company Description ​Youth EMPWD, Inc. Youth EMPWD, Inc. is a Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to creating a network of tutors and mentors, who work to improve the academic achievement, and social-emotional well-being of underrepresented and low-income students.Our services and resources are designed to support students ​to develop their capacities to excel academically and overcome obstacles through academic tutoring and mentoring.
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Youth EMPWD is a registered 501(C)(3). Youth EMPWD acts on the notion that every student deserves a tutor. We address the unmet learning needs of underserved students (grades 7-12) in Massachusetts schools, by providing free supplemental tutoring services during the school day. Our aim is to help young people take responsibility for their own learning, reimagine their own futures, and work toward success both in and out of school.

OUR PROGRAM: FIELD-BASED INDIVIDUALIZED TUTORING (“FIT”) Embark on a journey to engage with our underserved youth who are eager to learn from you.

If you’re interested in teaching or working in a classroom with students, then tutoring is the perfect chance to gain more experience and see if it would be the right path for you. Currently serving the Middlesex and Suffolk Counties in Massachusetts, Youth EMPWD hires talented undergraduate and graduate students of color from the area, placing them in public schools to serve as tutors.

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