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Website address https://ycore.org/
Why are we here?

As today’s young professionals, we are hungry to make a difference on issues we care about, but many of us lack the tools, knowledge, and connections to be effective agents of change. We want to support equitable solutions to systemic problems, not just as a reaction to social media and current events, but as part of our daily lives. Positively impacting our communities is not a task for the future. It’s an imperative today.

Community-based organizations work hard to address inequities in our society, but though they are experts in their fields, they often lack access to diverse resources that allow them to effectively pursue their missions. We have the opportunity to leverage our energy, skills, and networks alongside those already working towards sustainable positive change. We seek to be neither consultants nor saviors, but partners and amplifiers of the voices most impacted by social, environmental, and economic challenges.

Our Vision

We envision a world where local community members—regardless of age, background, and socioeconomic status—learn from one another, advocate for each other, and work hand in hand to advance equity and social justice.

Our Mission

We mobilize young professionals to advance community-based social impact by teaching them to deploy their time, money, skills, and influence as partners and advocates.

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