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World Friends for Africa Burkina Faso/ Facebook group#worldfriendsforafricaBurkinaFaso#World Friends for Africa /Project group
Volunteering or Volunteer organisations for Burkina Faso in Western Africa. 
World Friends for Africa Burkina Faso is promoting education and healthcare, as a pillar for the development of the country. 
We are focusing on underprivileged children, Youth and illiterate Women in rural and urban areas.
We are currently looking forward to working with volunteers or organisations interested in supporting the Educational and Healthcare sector in Burkina Faso through teaching and healthcare. As part of educational support, we are collecting educational supplies, training staff, fundraising for building classrooms and toilets at schools ... Healthcare is a real concern in my country, we are organising campaigns to sensitize the population on emerging diseases,we collect supplies for health clinics, as medicines for disadvantaged populations..
We provide our volunteers with host families and  arrange visits to famous places making their stay for a unique experience in life. Visit our facebook group,  World Friends for Africa Burkina Faso #worldfriendsforafricaBurkinaFaso# Thanks to visit and join BURKINA FASO
OUATTARA Souleymane Chairman/Professor01 Bp 48 Ouagadougou 01watsoul2002@yahoo.frTel +226 75919374Burkina Faso West Africa
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