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Brookhaven Hospice provides patients and families with
exceptional hospice care, and facilitates a meaningful end of life
experience.  With deep compassion and
skill, we care for people living with serious illnesses, the dying and those
who care for them. We are committed to providing a comprehensive scope of
services that is progressive, interdisciplinary, and patient-centered.

Our strengths are our staff’s clinical expertise and
commitment to the patients, coupled with a diverse and strong Senior Leadership
Team.  This is complimented by the depth
and breadth of service offerings, and a dedication to providing exceptional end
of life care. 

The success of Brookhaven Hospice can be credited to the
following values: Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Authenticity. Respect is
the state of being regarded with honor or esteem.  Excellence is the state, quality or condition
of excelling; superiority.  Integrity is
a quality that is characterized by honesty, reliability and fairness.
Authenticity is the act of conforming to fact and therefore making us worthy of
trust, reliance or belief.

Brookhaven Hospice is known as a renowned hospice in the
markets we serve with a reputation for providing outstanding hospice care, with
exceptional compassion and skill.
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