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Acts Ministry Uganda is an orphanage and a home for disadvantaged children. Our target is to see all children get education for their brighter future. Most of the children we get are orphans and homeless, some are deserted by their parents and we have twins whom i picked on a rubbish pit. They were like one week old and now are three years. We now have more than seventy children at our responsibility, we just sacrifice the little from our wages.

We are Gospel missionaries so during our missions we meet such children. We love to love these children with the love of Christ.

We believe that it is their natural right to receive love, education, health and good feeding and ought to have a family.

we therefore trumpeting the need to anyone who can stand with us help those children to have a better and brighter future.

You can support with school fees, clothing, feeding, beddings scholastic materials and even prayers to be encouraged, any amount of money takes us to another level. Thank you friends.

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