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Website address http://www.HospiceCompassus.com

The Colleagues of Hospice Compassus are committed to keeping The Hospice Promise
by delivering the highest quality of care, serving the needs of
patients and families and spreading the stories of hospice to those with
whom they come into contact.

Hospice Compassus recognizes death as a natural part of
the life cycle and promotes pain relief and symptom management as
appropriate clinical goals.

Hospice Compassus affirms life and provides hospice interventions that will seek neither to hasten death nor to postpone it.

Hospice Compassus
understands that psychosocial and spiritual pain is often as
significant as physical pain, and that addressing all three requires the
skills of an interdisciplinary team.

Hospice Compassus believes that patients and loved ones are an integral part of our Plan of Care.

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