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Earth Law Center is building a global force of advocates for the inherent rights of nature. Our goal is to ensure that laws of all governments recognize and protect these inherent rights. Through this work, we envision a future in which nature and humankind flourish together.

We raise awareness of and advocate for rights-based laws, policies, economies, philosophies, and governance systems. We have advanced the well-being of ecosystems and communities, created university programs, and conducted and shared innovative research. We ally with environmental advocates, citizen groups, indigenous groups, lawyers, scientists, economists, educational institutions, spiritual groups, students, government officials, green businesses, and sustainable living organizations.

We seek to transform the law and culture to recognize the inherent rights of all Earth’s inhabitants and ecosystems to co-exist, thrive, and evolve.

Historically, Earth Law Center was founded to further legal education in Earth Jurisprudence, which teaches that humankind must respect the inherent rights of all beings and ecosystems to exist, thrive, and evolve. (An example is the Center for Earth Jurisprudence and the Environmental and Earth Law Clinic at Barry University Law School in Orlando, Florida.) We later expanded our mission to advocate for laws that respect the inherent rights of nature.

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