Feeding Children Everywhere
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Activating People for a Hunger‑Free World.


We are committed to providing healthy meals to those in need. Our delicious Red Lentil Jambalaya is all-natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan. We source our plant-based ingredients from farms right here in the United States.

We are committed to sustainability. Creating a hunger-free world will be possible if we have an awareness of our impact on the world around us. We have implemented sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint and to eliminate the utilization of harmful plastics. This commitment also includes helping to create self-sufficient and sustainable communities through our program areas.

We are committed to making your contribution truly matter! Financial efficiency and meaningful impact are the pillars of our commitment. We believe that financial transparency combined with a high-energy, tangible impact volunteer experience is the key to a contribution that makes a meaningful difference.

Together for a Hunger‑Free World.

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