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Great Oaks Charter Schools operate in Newark, NJ, New York, NY, Bridgeport, CT and Wilmington, DE. At Great Oaks, we believe that every child can succeed. What makes us unique?

Individualized Instruction: All students receive at least two hours of small group or one-on-one tutoring every day, delivered by our full-time Tutor Corps.

Unrelenting Focus on College Readiness: Every student knows that his or her goal is to graduate from college.

More Time on Task: Our school days and years are significantly longer than those of the surrounding district schools.

Character Development: Our schools actively develop character traits through a school culture that reinforces our core values.

Family Engagement: Principals, teachers, tutors and administrators engage in frequent parent outreach to make sure that parents’ voices are heard and incorporated into the school’s decision-making process.

Great Oaks is currently accepting applications. Please visit for position openings.

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