Adil Dussekenov Looking for a job
Supervisor, head of department, facility maintanance manager
Job type jobs
Looking for a job in Kazakhstan, Atyrau
Date of placement 17.01.2019
Date of birth 02.04.1981 (38 year)
City of residence Atyrau, Kazakhstan
About Me
Trainings & learning:• In 2007, management courses (management) in Moscow; • In 2009, an English language course training center LLP "Salus;• In 2010, courses on specialty "operator of oil and gas third category" lyceum № 4;• In 2013 NCOC HSE induction • In 2013 Respirator Fit Test (FFT)• In 2013 industrial Safety corses• In 2014 H2S (opito)• In 2014 Sour induction• In 2014 WRAP & TRIC • In 2014 PTW courses • there is a badge TCO, after training in APEC from 2018y. access P and TPersonal characteristic: • Experience in communicating with foreigners;• Ability to find a way out of difficult situations and make decisions• I have strong technical skills, analytical skills and collective-team leadership skills;• Communicative, tactful, responsible, creative, ambitious, easy-studying;• Ability to work both independently and in a team environment;• Try to keep my temper under control in any situation and able to withstand stress; • Ready for business trips;• Have a driving license: «B».
Work experience
from 01.2013 to present day (6 year 8 month)
Head of maintenance department
LLP “Alma East West Group” (Equipment & Facilities)
Current Job responsibilities:Responsible for managing all aspects of the day to day maintenance service in a cost effective way, and for ensuring that residents receive an excellent service.Duties:• Managing maintenance schedules and budgets;• Delivering planned, safety and property maintenance;• Managing a team of multi-disciplined maintenance technicians;• Planning, directing and controlling the efforts of the Maintenance Team;• Ensuring that all electrical equipment is in safe working order in line with current HSE and RoK regulations;• Ensuring that all certificates of compliance are maintained and up to date in accordance with relevant legislation;• Checking electrical units;• Delegating work responsibilities;• Recording daily maintenance activity;• Mentoring inexperienced or new employees;• Running an efficient repairs reporting system;• Responding quickly to any emergencies;• Conducting employee performance reviews;• Involved in the hiring on maintenance personnel;• Using specialist maintenance management software to track work;• Running a preventive maintenance program that will minimize service repairs in the long run;• Participating in senior management meetings;• Building up maintenance teams.
from 01.2011 to 12.2013 (2 year 10 month)
Production Maintenance Coordinator
Caspian Offshore Construction Realty”, LLP (Equipment & Facilities)
Responsible for managing all aspects of the day to day maintenance service in a cost effective way, and for ensuring that residents receive an excellent service.Duties:• Preparation of daily reports and ongoing operations• Analysis and design of planned preventive works (CPD) and (PM) for those building maintenance;• The organization of workers;• Coordinate staff engineers (engineering and technical personnel);• Conduct daily meetings with staff;• Conduct meetings with engineers and analysis of data from the ETP;• Compilation and analysis to purchase the necessary materials;• Making efficient scheduling of employees and daily monitoring of working hours;• Preparation of procurement of equipment (spare parts) and further control installation;• Reporting of the department as a daily, weekly and monthly.
from 01.2004 to 01.2009 (5 year)
Atyrau, Kazakhstan Faculty of the University of Central Asia Management
Knowledge of languages
Russian Expert
English Intermediate
Kazakh Expert
Military service
from 01.2000 to 01.2002 (2 year)
sapper, kazakstan